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It is the members and visitors of Armidale Ex Services Memorial Club that makes the club a much-loved part of the local community. We take our responsibility and care of our members and guests very seriously.We exist because of our community, so we want to ensure we act with integrity and honesty in all business interactions, in the best interest of our members and the community.

As such the Club has set its own policies and regulations to ensure the safety and security of its guests and facilities. All members and visitors are asked to abide by these regulations and policies, and to follow all directions given by staff and management.

NSW Government considering banning punters from using cash
20th December 2022.

We have received correspondance regarding the NSW Government is considering banning punters from using cash and forcing them to sign up for a Government Card.

Clubs are heavily regulated organisations, and we continue to support reasonable gambling protections while also respecting a person’s right to make their own decisions. We take seriously our responsibility to our workers, members and community.

However, forcing punters to use a Government card will cost over 9000 clubs jobs in NSW. It will also put at risk over $100 million in club support for sporting teams and community groups.

The same idea failed in Canada where it was stopped after just two years. After Norway introduced a card, punters abandoned gaming machines in favour of unregulated online casinos.

A NSW-wide poll found a mere 21% of people think it will work.

People are worried that empowering Government Bureaucrats to track and control gambling spending is an invasion of privacy that could eventually extend to other regulated products like alcohol. Not to mention there are significant cybersecurity risks if a patron’s data on spending and gambling is stored alongside their bank account details.

For several weeks, clubs across the state have written to their local representatives opposing this plan and calling for more evidence of what cashless gaming would look like.

There is too much at risk for us to simply accept this proposal. We are therefore taking our concerns directly to the community.

Clubs in our community will launch the Gaming Reform the Right Way campaign, including posters and signs in our clubs. You can find out more about the campaign at

While we regret to express our concerns so publicly, this proposal would limit your rights to have a punt and creates serious data and cyber security risks which we think are unacceptable.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our club and of our local community.