SerVies Cross My Heart

Our mission is simple yet powerful: to stand by the side of our community members facing challenges and extend a helping hand when they need it the most. Initiated by Armidale Servies, this fund is a testament to our unwavering commitment to our Members and our community. At SerVies Cross My Heart, we understand that life's hardships can sometimes cast a shadow, and that's why we're here – to add a little light into the lives of those battling through ill health and financial burdens.

Our promise is straightforward: Armidale Servies pledges its support by raising funds through a variety of channels, including Club promotions and raffles, generous donations, and contributions from our bar and bistro sales.

At Armidale Servies, our heart is in the right place – with our SerVies Cross My Heart initiative! We're not just about words; we back it up by donating 1% of our takings to support those in need in our community.

The Servies Cross My Heart donations are designed to provide support during trying times, focusing on aiding with challenges rather than covering direct medical costs like doctor's visits or specialist fees.

The selection of deserving candidates to receive support from the Servies Cross My Heart fund rests with the discernment of our Servies CEO.

Servies Support for a Resilient Young Family

The SerVies' spirit of community care shines as it reaches out to a young family that's been on an arduous journey. This family's story began with a mother's challenging airlift to the John Hunter Children's Hospital at just 28 weeks into her pregnancy. Through a demanding five-night labour, they encountered a crisis in August 2022 when their son was born with an unexpected heart condition called double outlet right ventricular, leaving them caught in a whirlwind of emotions. For the following two months, their focus revolved around the NICU at John Hunter, where they tirelessly nurtured their newborn's recovery. Come October 2022, they returned to Armidale Hospital, seeking guidance on their son's healing journey. It's here that the Servies "Cross My Heart Fund" entered their lives, offering a helping hand. The club's support has been invaluable, easing some of the family's burden by helping with accommodation, meals, as well as the travel and fuel expenses that come with frequent trips to Sydney for essential medical consultations and treatments for their courageous little boy.

Servies Cross My Heart – Jaxson Caldwell

A Heartfelt Connection to the Armidale Children's Ward

At the Armidale Children's Ward, the SerVies Club has extended its genuine dedication with open arms. Through consistent contributions, especially during Easter and Christmas, the Club's support brings a sense of comfort to the children's ward, in the form of gifts, engaging toys, thoughtful activity packs, and captivating games.

This commitment goes beyond the tangible gifts. The Servies Club also warmly embraces the parents of the young patients, particularly those who travel from out of town to be by their children's sides. By providing meals and accommodations, the Club offers a helping hand during times of need. These simple gestures aim to add a touch of comfort and bring a glimmer of light to the lives of the young patients and their families during moments of uncertainty.