SerVies Rewards

As a Member of the SerVies you are contributing to the support of local Sporting, Education, Health and Community Groups. So the SerVies want to Give More Back to you for helping us improve community life!

How Do I Earn Points?

Swipe your SerVies Membership Card when you Wine & Dine!

Swipe your membership card with every purchase at the Mill Bistro or any Bar.
For every dollar spent you earn 5 points. The Servies is giving 5% back to its members.

How Do I Spend My Points?

  • Pay with points – Redeem with food, drinks, movie meal deals, bingo books, merchandise or show ticket. Simply present your membership card at purchase. Where your points do not total the full amount a partial payment can be made.
  • Exchange your points for Servies Dollars – Servies Dollars can be used to make purchases within our Club or with our Corporate Partners within Armidale (see next page). Redeem a ticket from the reward centre using your pin number. Make sure it is multiples of $5 ie: 500 points as Servies Dollars are only available in $5 denominations. See the Office staff or Duty Manager to redeem your points for Servies Dollars.
  • Showcase rewards! Got your eye on a prize, use your points to purchase a prize from our Showcase located in Foyer.

How Many Points Do I Have?

Using the Servies Rewards Centre in the foyer you can see how many points you have by entering your pin number. If you have not set up a pin number it is just 0000. Or you can just ask the staff to swipe your card at the bars or bistro and they will let you know instantly.

Servies Reward Centre

Located in the Club Foyer the Rewards Centre allows you to check and redeem your points that you have earned. You can also swipe your Membership Card in the Reward Centre for your chance to win instantly.

  • Raffle Tickets
  • Free Drink
  • Free Coffee
  • Free Ice Cream
  • Free Birthday Drink

Another way the SerVies is giving more back to its Members