Armidale Ex Services Memorial Club Limited

  • The Armidale SerVies Club have been supporting the local community since 1953


The Armidale Ex Services Memorial Club is proud to support the community by the funding and support it provides to community organisations and groups year on year. We exist because of the community, so it’s important to us to ensure this support continues.

We will continue to play an active role in our community and welcome any organisations seeking funding support or otherwise to get in touch with us by calling our reception, to find out how to apply for funding support.

Servies: Giving More Back to our Community

From June 2016, Servies will be donating $500 per month back to the local comunity, click here to find out how.

About Club Grants

ClubGRANTS is the new scheme which replaced the CDSE funding scheme in 2011. There are three funding categories under the ClubGRANTS Scheme:

  • Category 1 – expenditure on specific community welfare and social services, community development, community health services and employment assistance activities; and
  • Category 2 – expenditure on other community development and support services (eg. traditional areas of club expenditure, such as support for sport and recreation groups).
  • Category 3 – expenditure represents 0.4% of a club’s gaming machine profits over $1 million which is placed in a state wide pool to support large scale sport, health and community infrastructure.

How to Apply for Funding

Supporting our local community is important to us. We consider the role we play in encouraging local sports, community events and groups of the utmost importance. We exist for our community, so it’s important to support community activities and causes where possible.

We can do this through a variety of methods, including the state wide, ClubGRANTS scheme for category 1 and 2 funding support. We also provide support above and beyond these regulatory requirements.