Armidale Ex Services Memorial Club Limited

  • The Armidale SerVies Club have been supporting the local community since 1953

We Support

We love our community!
Over the past 60 years the Armidale Ex Services Memorial Club has taken much pride in supporting many local community groups and organisations. Be it sporting groups, not for profits, schools and other local organisations, the club has provided support both financially and in-kind, where ever its needed.

During the 2014/2015 financial year Armidale Ex Services Memorial Club has made the following community donations:

General Donations $                      41,371
Category 1 $                      18,403
Category 2 $                      30,917
Donation Room Hire $                      99,898
Sponsorships $                      88,228


For more information on how your community group, sporting team or organisation can gain support from the club please visit HOW TO APPLY